Spring 2017 BYR Hot Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

Deepen Your Practice, Be a Part of the BYR Lineage
3/17/2017 – 6/18/2017

200 Hour Hot Yoga  TeacherTraining starts soon!
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Sunday 2/26/17 @6:30PM  &  Wednesday 3/1/17  @7:30PM

Thinking  of becoming a BYR Teacher?  Maybe you are not interested in teaching, but you are you ready to expand your yoga knowledge and take your practice to the next level ?  Sign up for the free information sessions listed below. We will answer your questions and share a brief overview of the program and important dates and details.  Bring your questions and a smile! If you are interested but can't make the date, please let us know at the desk or call to schedule an appointment with Diana. We look forward to your success! Namaste

Space is limited. See or Call Us for more details. 

 Advance to the next level with BYR's comprehensive 200 Hour Teacher Training or Masters Path Course!  

  • Fundamental understanding of 26 postures and pranayama breathing

  • Deepen your practice through daily practice

  • The art of teaching: mechanics, alignment, and application

  • Learn 26 posture-specific, functional anatomy, and physiology

  • Improve public speaking and vocal training

  • Learn basic yoga history and philosophy

  • Yoga Teacher Ethics (teacher-student relationship)

  • Basic nutrition for Hot Yoga practitioners

  • Modifications for injuries and imbalance

  • Effective leadership

  • Learn to teach 90 min and 60 min format


$3,000 ($500 deposit due by 3/7/17 to guarantee a spot, Non-refundable
2 Installment plan available: $1,600x2 = $3,200 (contact Studio for more details)
Enrollment space limited – maximum 15 participants
* Your tuition does NOT include required books for the program – estimated $90-$150 for the books


After completing our 200-hour training successfully, you will receive a certificate making you eligible to register for national registration with the Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the coursework, you will also be eligible to audition to teach at BYR.

Barb began practicing Bikram yoga in 2009. Forty-nine years of dancing, hiking and living had taken its toll leading to chronic knee, hip and back pain. Immediately hooked as the pain disappeared, the benefits of a regular practice were realized. As an RN, Barb is a die-hard advocate of Bikram yoga as a therapy for chronic disease and all health related issues.

- Barb


The Teacher Training Application must be completed to be considered for acceptance and participation in the program. Participants are encouraged to have a 1-year minimum yoga practice. You cannot miss any weekends to be eligible for the teaching certification. One make up weekend will be available (TBA) at additional fees.


FRI 6 – 9pm (6 – 7pm: class, 7:30pm – 9pm: lecture), SAT 10am – 8:30pm, SUN 10am – 5:30pm 
Weekend 1: Friday March 17, Saturday March 18, & Sunday March 19  
Weekend 2: Friday March 24, Saturday March 25, & Sunday March 26
Weekend 3:  Friday March 31, Saturday April 1, & Sunday April 2
Weekend 4: Friday April 14, Saturday April 15, & Sunday April 16
Weekend 5: Friday April 28, Saturday April 29, & Sunday April 30
Weekend 6: Friday May 5, Saturday May 6, & Sunday May 7
Weekend 7: Friday May 19, Saturday May 20, & Sunday May 21
Weekend 8:  Friday June 10, Saturday June 11, & Sunday June 12
Weekend 9:  Friday June 16, Saturday June 17, & Sunday June 18
*Make Up Sessions TBA, if applicable. 

Here's what a typical day of Yoga Teacher Training looks like:

  • Opening practice (optional 8am class)

  • Posture clinic - discussions of 26 postures in depth

  • Lunch break

  • Teaching lab in small groups/ guest lecturer / other topics

  • Required class ( 4pm class)

  • Dinner break

  • Lecture - various topics

Our spring application is below. We welcome you to apply! You can also contact us if you have any questions about our program. Please do not submit any payment with your application until you receive our response. If you do not hear from us by Feb 28, 2017, please email us: info@bikramyogarockville.com 

It's Never The Perfect Time & That's Why Now Is Always The Best Time To Start.

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