Pauline, Work-Study

Pauline Troung - testimonial.jpg

Bikram Yoga Rockville (BYR) is my home away from home. I am currently participating in their work-study program and let me start off by telling you this: the managers ROCK. Not only are they some of the best mentors I’ve ever had, they’re also some of most caring, funny, supporting people I’ve come to know. That’s something you’ll for sure notice once you start coming here. BYR is filled with genuinely kind people. You can feel it in the classroom; there’s not a soul in the room who doesn’t want to be there.

It’s the perfect place to get away for a couple hours (or an hour! they now offer 60-min classes!). The teachers and work-study staff are great and so full of character. I love how personable all the teachers are and their feedback. I never feel embarrassed when a teacher helps me. Needless to say, the teachers are awesome because they actually pay attention to the students! My fellow work-study buddie are some of the most hard-working and coolest people I know. We’re a family and we want to make BYR the safest, cleanest, and happiest place for everyone. I recommend this studio to anyone who's looking for a good workout, clean environment, and wonderful community feeling.