Upcoming Events, Retreats & Workshops

Our workshops and retreats offer you the opportunity to learn more and go deeper to explore the rich experiences of yoga. We take the time to make new connections on and off the mat.


Why Go on a Yoga Retreat?

Travel expands your whole existence, and resets your perspective. Sometimes the only way to regain control, is to let go. Get away from the grind. Get back to yourself.  

Attend a retreat with Bikram Yoga Rockville and experience the transformative practice of yoga in a beautiful, unique environment. We'll enjoy fresh local foods, learn to savor new tastes, find new sensations, and maybe rediscover something about yourself. 

After a retreat, we are never quite the same. We've found a new rhythm of adventure and restoration - it enriches our lives for years to come.

Retreat. Release. Renew.

The teachers and work-study staff are great and so full of character. We’re a family and we want to make BYR the safest, cleanest, and happiest place for everyone. I recommend this studio to anyone who's looking for a good workout, clean environment, and wonderful community feeling.

- Pauline

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