I have been practicing Bikram Hot Yoga consistently for about 3 years. Maybe it was destiny, but I discovered hot yoga quite randomly. That is, I stumbled upon the Studio while running some errands. For years, I knew the studio was there but I never seriously thought about going in. But on that chilly day in October 2012, although very uncharacteristic of me, I felt compelled to stop in. I met with Diana and quickly decided to give hot yoga a try the next day.

That next day came and, after my first practice, I can honestly say that my life changed.  Hot Yoga had an incredibly strange yet positive effect on me. Hot yoga was a seriously tough but gratifying work-out. Over the years, hot yoga has dramatically impacted me both physically (e.g., I’ve lost about 30 pounds and have come off my blood-pressure meds) and mentally (e.g., I have a better attitude on life and feel I am a better person…. just ask my wife?!).

I practice yoga about 3 – 4 times a week and, although it’s a big commitment, I feel it is well worth it. Even though each session consists of the same 26 postures, I always have a different and rewarding experience at every practice.  I am grateful I have made hot yoga a part of my life, and I can’t imagine my life without it.  See you on the mat!  Namaste - Glenn