I have been practicing Bikram Yoga seven years now. It has been the one activity that I have been doing where I feel stretched, strong, detoxed, rejuvenated with mental clarity.  This moving meditation not only complimented my other activities but also improved my breathing and balance. Over the past eight years,  I've had major changes in my life with relocating from Florida, starting a new job, managing a family and the lost of both my parents. Bikram Yoga became my sanctuary in addition to church and family. BYR is also my 1 1/2 hour vacation place during the winter months. The hot room seems like a perfect beach getaway without the travel. The Staff at BYR are amazing and the Instructors are a top-notch quality. BYR is my second home away from home.


After college I worked in PR but realized early on it wasn’t for me. Becoming an instructor got me to leave the 9 to 5 world behind, and I have never looked back. I find so much more satisfaction from watching a student’s practice evolve than I ever did from getting a client’s name in the newspaper! I started teaching at Bikram Yoga Rockville 9 years ago, and it has been my pleasure to meet so many kind, enthusiastic and hardworking people over the years. I had been teaching for only a year when I came to Rockville, and I am thankful for the supportive community that welcomed me and allowed me to grow as a teacher. I would also like to thank Diana and Wonjoo who have become my ‘work sister’, ‘work mom’, mentors and friends over the years. This amazing community, that we all love so much, is thanks to them!


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I began practicing yoga about 3 years ago. I took it as a class in college with two other friends. It soon became my favorite class since it challenged me in every aspect, mental, emotional, and physical. Yoga has become part of my everyday life and it's allowed me to grow closer to myself! 

You truly have to embrace what yoga can do for the body, soul, and mind. Its a lifetime practice and one doesn't simply master it with how far up ones leg can go or have balanced they may be. I use yoga to keep me sane from my hectic life outside the hot room!


Ever since I attended my first class in Rockville back in May, I was hooked. I don't think I've spent more than a week not going to at least one class here. Granted, I might be biased. When you first walk in, you're asked to take off your shoes and greeted with a smile from one of the many great instructors and staff. One thing I immediately took note of was how clean the studio was - and how clean it smelled. Never have I entered into a studio that is cleaned so rigorously as this one (after every class the room and bathrooms and scrubbed down) and it definitely shows! The Bikram yoga funky smell that everyone talks about? Not at all present here - even when there are 50+ bodies sweating in one hot room.

What I love about this studio is not only its cleanliness but also its instructors and staff. Everyone is friendly and personable. And because of everyone's different personality, each class - even though they might go through same boring script each time - is unique and fun. Each instructor also makes sure they know everyone before the class starts so that they can tailor the class specifically to each individual's needs. I don't know how many times an instructor has pushed me and help me become better than I thought I could be in a posture.

I also really like the community that has come to flourish within the studio between students. Unlike other studios, where students are competitive with one another and the environment is toxic, this studio prides itself as a community of learning and sharing. Never have I had so many friendly and polite classmates in a Bikram studio who so willingly are there to teach you modifications and move their mat to help you get a better view.

While I might be back in Charlottesville for the next two semesters to finish up my Master's degree, I am excited to continue going to class whenever I'm back in the area. 


I have been practicing Bikram Hot Yoga consistently for about 3 years. Maybe it was destiny, but I discovered hot yoga quite randomly. That is, I stumbled upon the Studio while running some errands. For years, I knew the studio was there but I never seriously thought about going in. But on that chilly day in October 2012, although very uncharacteristic of me, I felt compelled to stop in. I met with Diana and quickly decided to give hot yoga a try the next day.

That next day came and, after my first practice, I can honestly say that my life changed.  Hot Yoga had an incredibly strange yet positive effect on me. Hot yoga was a seriously tough but gratifying work-out. Over the years, hot yoga has dramatically impacted me both physically (e.g., I’ve lost about 30 pounds and have come off my blood-pressure meds) and mentally (e.g., I have a better attitude on life and feel I am a better person…. just ask my wife?!).

I practice yoga about 3 – 4 times a week and, although it’s a big commitment, I feel it is well worth it. Even though each session consists of the same 26 postures, I always have a different and rewarding experience at every practice.  I am grateful I have made hot yoga a part of my life, and I can’t imagine my life without it.  See you on the mat!  Namaste - Glenn