Ever since I attended my first class in Rockville back in May, I was hooked. I don't think I've spent more than a week not going to at least one class here. Granted, I might be biased. When you first walk in, you're asked to take off your shoes and greeted with a smile from one of the many great instructors and staff. One thing I immediately took note of was how clean the studio was - and how clean it smelled. Never have I entered into a studio that is cleaned so rigorously as this one (after every class the room and bathrooms and scrubbed down) and it definitely shows! The Bikram yoga funky smell that everyone talks about? Not at all present here - even when there are 50+ bodies sweating in one hot room.

What I love about this studio is not only its cleanliness but also its instructors and staff. Everyone is friendly and personable. And because of everyone's different personality, each class - even though they might go through same boring script each time - is unique and fun. Each instructor also makes sure they know everyone before the class starts so that they can tailor the class specifically to each individual's needs. I don't know how many times an instructor has pushed me and help me become better than I thought I could be in a posture.

I also really like the community that has come to flourish within the studio between students. Unlike other studios, where students are competitive with one another and the environment is toxic, this studio prides itself as a community of learning and sharing. Never have I had so many friendly and polite classmates in a Bikram studio who so willingly are there to teach you modifications and move their mat to help you get a better view.

While I might be back in Charlottesville for the next two semesters to finish up my Master's degree, I am excited to continue going to class whenever I'm back in the area.