Bob, 30 Day Challenge


I started hot yoga classes about four years ago and found it the best to practice at least two times a week. When I first started practicing yoga, I was tired and needed to rest after each session. In the last two weeks, I noticed that my strength had increased and my recovery time lessened.

I have bursitis in my left hip, and a torn ACL in my left knee. Now, I am aware of a slight tinge in my left hip but no pain.  The lack of a connected ACL in my left knee has not been a problem. 

I now have completed the 30 Day Challenge and the experience has been tremendous.  I feel great.  It is now a confidence builder.  It is my sense that continuing my yoga practice, at the level I am at now, will serve me very well in the future.  I am at a higher performance level, which in turn will enable a more vigorous enjoyment of all the other things I do.  In addition, my awareness/sensitivity to my environment and friends and family has been strengthened. Hot yoga is now a valuable and vital addition to my life.


John, 30 Day Challenge

The “30 Day Challenge” really got my practice kick started I was very new to yoga and it really helped me to get into the grove of how the classes and teachers work. To say it was a challenge is no joke. I had to really push myself to make it all 30 days. Staying hydrated, doing my laundry and most of all fitting classes around my work schedule. When it was all said and done I had a very strong sense of accomplishment and my ability to make small adjustments in my practice astounded me. The challenge really inspired me to make healthier choices in my diet and day to day routines. When it was all said and done I felt strong in my practice and strong in my mind/spirit. 10/10 would recommend it really brought light to my life. 

Jane, 30 Day Challenge

JaneCho - 30 Day Challenge Testimonial.jpg

I want to start by saying that I love challenges!  I love them because they test and push my dedication and willpower.  I believe that we are always evolving and growing and want to make sure I am doing my part to make a difference to myself and others around me. 

I started taking Bikram Yoga in April 2015 at BYR and was thrilled to partake in my first “30 Day Challenge” in October.  I felt like after 6 months of practice, it was the perfect time to give it a go and take my practice to another level.  Initially, I just thought this would be a great challenge and something fun that I could feel proud of completing but I gained so much more through meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people. Everyone that I have met at BYR (teachers and fellow yogi's) Community is lovely, inspiring, strong, kind, and possess great energy. The Community and my yoga practice have inspired me to eat better, drink more water, and live more simply.  I realized that it's so easy to be happy if we want to be, so much is in our control.  Aside from all the amazing love and support that I received, I could not have completed the challenge without the colorful smiley face stickers that I was awarded for each class taken!  To Diana and everyone at the BYR studio, thank you for helping me to find and fall in love with yoga.  It will forever be a part of my life.