Bob, 30 Day Challenge


I started hot yoga classes about four years ago and found it the best to practice at least two times a week. When I first started practicing yoga, I was tired and needed to rest after each session. In the last two weeks, I noticed that my strength had increased and my recovery time lessened.

I have bursitis in my left hip, and a torn ACL in my left knee. Now, I am aware of a slight tinge in my left hip but no pain.  The lack of a connected ACL in my left knee has not been a problem. 

I now have completed the 30 Day Challenge and the experience has been tremendous.  I feel great.  It is now a confidence builder.  It is my sense that continuing my yoga practice, at the level I am at now, will serve me very well in the future.  I am at a higher performance level, which in turn will enable a more vigorous enjoyment of all the other things I do.  In addition, my awareness/sensitivity to my environment and friends and family has been strengthened. Hot yoga is now a valuable and vital addition to my life.